Intro to the Keto Diet

January 5, 2018

It’s impossible NOT to hear about the keto diet today. This high-fat, low-carb diet is one of 2018’s early trends, but what is it exactly? Join Alex & Rick as they kick off the year with a keto resolution and throw themselves into ketosis to see if the health and weight loss benefits are legit. Over 10 years ago Alex lost a veritable crap ton of weight and body fat on the Atkins Diet, and three years ago Rick lost weight, waist line, and gained athletic abilities that saw him beat the Spartan World Championship while trying keto the first time. If you’re curious about keto this is the podcast for you, with an action-packed hour of all the info, Q&A, and guidance you’ll need to try it out!

Some of the topics discussed:


  • How each guy will approach keto, with Rick using Mark Sisson’s new book The Keto Reset Diet, and Alex using his tried and true Atkins Diet model
  • Why you’ll have to reduce your carbs to almost zero, and how the body sources energy
  • Can you just eat bacon and butter and achieve your health goals?
  • Is it true people on keto are irritable and have bad breath?
  • The importance of hydration in ketosis
  • Do you have to do intermittent fasting on keto?
  • What is “keto flu” and how can you lessen the impacts of it?
  • Can you add fiber to my dessert to pull net carb counts down?
  • Are you increasing your risk of heart disease by going keto?


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Looking for some specific highlights? Fast-forward to the following timestamps:

  • The discussion about keto kicks off (4:45)
  • What is ketosis? What can you eat and how does the body react? (9:40)
  • Why did Rick pick the keto diet for this month’s challenge? (18:45)
  • Q&A: Will you die of heart disease or high cholesterol? (28:30)
  • Q&A: How low does my carb intake have to be? (34:10)
  • Q&A: What kind of fats can I use? (36:31)
  • Q&A: Why do I feel like I’ve got the flu on keto? (38:00)
  • Q&A: Can I drink alcohol on keto? Diet soda? Tea & coffee? (42:40)
  • Q&A: Can I eat whole grains on keto? (48:25)
  • Q&A: Can I eat fruit on keto? (48:42)
  • Q&A: I need to eat carbs, what can I do? (49:02)
  • Q&A: I can’t workout or run, I have no energy – what do I do? (50:40)
  • The guidelines to participate (52:38)
  • Deleting fiber from your macros to track net carbs (53:48)


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