Bulletproof Coffee - September 2017

November 2, 2017

Our second experiment was consuming Bulletproof Coffee every day for a month. What's Bulletproof Coffee? We made a regular coffee, then blended in grass-fed butter and XCT oil or Brain Octane Oil. Coming in at approximately 400 calories it's meant to assist in pushing you into fat-burning ketosis and improve mental clarity and focus. The experiment? Would we notice this increased clarity and focus?

Some of the topics discussed:

  • How important is a blender vs. a frother vs. a spoon?
  • Do you really need to buy Brain Octane Oil?
  • Can you use regular or store-bought organic coffee?
  • What's the one major side effect of too much oil?
  • Could Bulletproof Coffee work alongside intermittent fasting?

In the end, each of them decide if Bulletproof Coffee is now part of their lifestyle, and introduce what they'll be doing next month.

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