Bone Broth - December 2018

January 26, 2018

This past December the guys took on bone broth as a challenge, drinking between 8 and 32 ounces each day for the entire month. Their hope was to reap a series of benefits you’ve likely heard about including improvement of gut health and digestion, reduction of joint pain and inflammation, weight control, and perhaps most importantly in December, inhibiting infection caused by cold and flu viruses. So did the guys feel the benefits? Were they able to fend off the cold and flu viruses that quickly took over their region during the Christmas season?

Some of the topics discussed:

  • What seemed to be a direct link between consumption and the cold and flu virus
  • How to adjust your bone broth to turn it into a tasty meal
  • Rick’s improved ability to recover from illness since starting The Paul Project
  • Which brand of bone broth drove Alex to fire off an angry Instagram?
  • Is there any truth to Rick’s belief that gin & tequila fend off the cold? Probably not, but he drinks them anyway just to be safe


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Looking for some specific highlights? Fast-forward to the following timestamps:

  • The guys have an update on their DHEA research & experiment (6:15)
  • The bone broth review begins (13:00)
  • Rick reviews what changed his opinion about bone broth (20:50)
  • What happened when Rick stopped bone broth (25:00)
  • Alex’s mom’s holiday illness and how bone broth helped (29:00)
  • Rick’s soon-to-be-famous beef bone broth recipe (39:50)
  • A little pre-recording Easter egg for post-credit listeners (50:05)


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