Blue Light Blocking - October 2017

November 15, 2017

For our third experiment Alex decided to have us block as close to 100% of blue light as we could every evening for the last few hours before bed. Why? To help us fall asleep quicker, to increase our quality of sleep, and to reap the physical, mental, and emotional benefits we get from a consistent, high quality sleep. The guys both blocked blue light on their electronic devices, and wore amber blocking glasses at night. Would they find a boost in deep sleep?

Some of the topics discussed:

  • What’s your ideal bed and wake time?
  • How important is getting 7-8 hours in bed?
  • Will an afternoon alcoholic drink affect sleep as much as one with dinner?
  • Will mental exhaustion and stress during the day affect sleep quality?
  • What beer did Rick enjoy with a Jamaican patty the day he earned his highest deep sleep @ 169 minutes?


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Looking for some specific highlights? Fast-forward to the following timestamps:

  • 6:58 - Rick delivers an update on why you need to examine your blender before you use it to make Bulletproof coffee
  • 13:30 - Alex discusses why he picked blue light blocking for our challenge, and the benefits we expected to achieve by keeping blue light at bay
  • 17:13 - Blocking blue light on your devices is easy enough, but how did Alex help Rick block blue light from televisions, street lights, and more?
  • 21:10 - Alex and Rick uncover the fact that the old adage of “get 8 hours sleep a night” isn’t necessarily accurate
  • 34:15 - Rick reveals the link he discovered between alcohol consumption and a lack of deep sleep
  • 36:30 - Alex discovers a link between mental exhaustion and deep sleep quality after comparing his and Rick’s conference schedules with deep sleep volumes
  • 39:25 - The guys look at the Automated Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire (AutoMEQ) by the Center for Environmental Therapeutics (CET), and Rick finds out that there’s a direct link between his optimal sleep times and his ideal bed time and waking time
  • 46:45 - Rick decides if blue light blocking worked for him
  • 47:45 - Alex decides if blue light blocking worked for him


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Links mentioned in this episode:

CET AutoMEQ Survey (

f.lux (

Sleep Cycle alarm clock (


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